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At Georgia Pressure & Steam, we understand that protecting the valuable investment you've made in your home is important. And, one way to do that is to ensure the extended life of your home's painted and/or sided surfaces.

So, why entrust that job to anyone other than a specialist? Hire our professional pressure washing company today. Our fully-trained technicians are certified to clean all types of exterior surfaces, using low pressure chemical cleansers that are designed specifically to remove mold, mildew and algae. For optimum results and long term benefits, we recommend using our safe pressure washing process every twelve to eighteen months for all your home's exterior surfaces need, whether that be brick, stucco, aluminum, and/or vinyl siding. We clean all types of pressed wood and painted surfaces as well. We also recommend our pressure washing services prior to painting outdoor surfaces. We've had a number of customers conclude that the once the surface was clean, they didn't need to repaint afterall. How's that for saving you time and money?

Call Georgia Pressure and Steam to keeping your home looking its best. You'll be glad you did!

Driveways and Patios

Georgia Pressure and Steam will keep your driveways and other flat surfaces--like brick or concrete patios--clean and presentable. The process our technicians use removes grease, mold, mildew and algae.

Have a stone patio or pool? No problem. We also specialize in cleaning stone work and all types of pool surface areas.

Our company can provide you with services that will make your home's surrounding property look it's absolute best!


Decks and Fences

A clean deck or fence can bring complement and bring some life back into your property!

Georgia Pressure and Steam takes great pride in cleaning and restoring all types of wood surfaces, including decks and fences. Our process restores both natural and sealed surfaces, bringing back the like-new texture and appearance to weathered and aged wood. If your painted and stained wood surfaces need rejuvenation, we can do that too.

We also seal and preserve wood surfaces. See our wood treatment services page to learn more about our complete deck restoration process.









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